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Practical Typography

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Butterick’s Practical Typography

I love guides to typographic style, especially Robert Bringhurst’s The Elements of Typographic Style, of which I have an autographed copy (There’s a fine online version of that, too, applied to web typography). Somehow, I managed to miss this online guide, Butterick’s Practical Typography, which is quite good, and comprehensive.


Trillium on the trail

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Trillium on the trail by pgsvensk
Trillium on the trail, a photo by pgsvensk on Flickr.

Trillium on the trail.

Shot 030/365.

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Shot 030/365. by pgsvensk
Shot 030/365., a photo by pgsvensk on Flickr.

Blue Sky Cafe burger with candied bacon. Sweet first bite, then spicy, then savory. Almost worth the drive to Nampa, Idaho just for this awesome burger.

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Shot 24/365

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Shot 24/365 by pgsvensk
Shot 24/365, a photo by pgsvensk on Flickr.

Seemed even the cat was bothered.

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Maltby, WA

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Maltby, WA by pgsvensk
Maltby, WA, a photo by pgsvensk on Flickr.

Cherry pie, Woodinville Cafe

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Cherry pie, Woodinville Cafe by pgsvensk
Cherry pie, Woodinville Cafe, a photo by pgsvensk on Flickr.

Family Grocer, Duvall, Washington

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Photo-a-day, 1/365. Inspiration from Ciam Sawyer.

Pork tamales at Cactus Kirkland, WA

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