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In Life Hacks on September 2, 2007 at 12:00 pm

Seat 1A: Reflections On Italy 

Spend less time on news, the Internet, and TV and more time reading, working in the garden, and listening to music.

Spend less time rushing from place to place and more time walking or strolling.

Walk more upright and with a swing in your arm.

Wear simple clothes that fit you well and are made from quality materials.

Don’t worry so much about making a fantastic meal. Make meals that are simple and fresh, and they’ll turn out fantastic all by themselves.

Take time to enjoy those meals. Eat them face to face, not in front of the television, and savor the courses and the conversation. A meal is a gathering and a reward to enjoy, not a task to complete.

Enjoy your wine regardless of its cost.

Plant more flowers, and lots of herbs, in your garden.

Have a simple breakfast every day.

Walk to the local market.

Enjoy the fruits of your own city. It has museums and architecture, too.

Alan L Nelson via Rebecca Blood


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