Peter Svensk

In Uncategorized on July 17, 2003 at 6:53 am

Yet another sharp observation from Robert Scoble: “This is business fundamentals 101. Tim Bray calls it ‘sharecropping.’ Dave Winer calls it ‘building a trunk.’ Macromedia calls it ‘Flash.’ Adobe calls it ‘Acrobat.’ Microsoft calls it ‘Windows.’ Intuit calls it ‘Quicken.’ Borland calls it ‘Delphi.’ Apple calls it ‘iPod.’ Sony calls it ‘Playstation.’ The SF Giants call it ‘Barry Bonds.’ Wall Street calls it ‘revenues and profits.’ Mom and dad call it ‘stock price went up.’

“No matter what you call it, if you have a ton of happy customers using your stuff and paying you money, your shareholders (er, investors) get happy. So, show me how your requests will help me get more customers. And help me keep the ones I already have.”


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