20 things

  1. I sang (1st and 2nd tenor) in choirs, chorales, and churches throughout my junior and high school years. Despite the years having taken my singing voice, music is still very important to me.
  2. In junior high school, I shot films on my own Nikon super 8 camera, and hung out in the library so I could play with their video camera (naturally, we’re talking black and white reel to reel video recording).
  3. Many pounds and decades ago, I ran cross-country in high school, a 3-mile race back then. We routinely ran 10 to 20 miles several days a week (with reps and hill runs the other days).
  4. In high school, I was serious about photography (I had my own Nikon F2AS Photomic!), serving as the chief shooter and photo editor for both school paper and the yearbook. My oldest brother, Robert was the yearbook’s editor in chief in 1972, and became famous for a multipage anti-war photo essay.
  5. I kept dabbling in video (and it later became the center of my career), shooting high school basketball games on this lovely system.
  6. In the late ’70s, I drove train at the Calico Mine Ride at Knott’s Berry Farm, delivering the eight-minute spiel thousands of times. More from Flickr.
  7. I spent a lot of time at rock concerts in the late ’70s, early ’80s because my sister was a Playboy centerfold, and was married (at the time) to the original drummer of KISS, Peter Criss. (I have chronic tinnitus as a result of standing too close to the stacks.)
  8. I volunteered as the technical director for a Christian youth outreach group called “Crossroads in Southern California, and co-produced daily big screen multimedia updates for a huge youth event at Estes Park in Colorado (read: I didn’t and, sometimes still don’t, get enough sleep).
  9. I have always preferred non-fiction, and am currently reading The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis, Volume 1.
  10. In the early ’80s, I started using three early computers: the original IBM PC, running MS-DOS, the KayPro II running CP/M, and the ClearLight MicroStar, a multi-image computer for producing multimedia shows.
  11. In 1984, I was among the first to buy a Macintosh computer. A short time later, I received a beta copy of an application called Aldus PageMaker, and for me, and the rest of the world, publishing was forever changed. (Ten years later, I would work for Aldus Corporation and become a top technical evangelist for that category-defining desktop publishing product.)
  12. In the early 1980s, I began using the Macintosh for videographic design, previsualization, and video editing. I supervised the postproduction of dozens of corporate videos using the world’s first digital video tools, Quantel Paintbox and Harry.
  13. I worked a short time for the military-industrial complex: TRW Space & Defense, migrating their print publishing operation from Wang OFFICE, to Macintosh. This was Building H.
  14. While working for Applied Graphics Technologies, then one of the largest prepress firms in the world, one of my clients was Grammy Award-winning art director at MCA, Vartan.
  15. While working for both Aldus and Adobe, I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and moved my family here in 1997 to help launch Netbot Jango.
  16. I’m still a foodie and love small, hidden places like Lynn’s Bistro in Kirkland, WA, and Fonda La Catrina in Georgetown.
  17. A couple of years ago, I drove to Montana, Wyoming, and Yellowstone National Park. This Summer, went back to visit Glacier National Park.
  18. I am was a wine lover (no longer drinking alcohol), and have a (now empty) bottle of wine made and signed by, and autobiography written and signed by, the late Robert Mondavi, thanks to my friends at SplendidLight, with whom I’ve had the good fortune to know and work for over the years.
  19. I am a huge movie and music lover: 8 1/2 and Italian neorealism, Citizen Kane, Unforgiven, A Little Princess, Jeremiah Johnson, James Taylor, Alison Krauss, and Michael Hedges, just to get you started.
  20. The loves of my life.

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